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Norms and food standards

Food regulations


All our range of polyurethane (PU) belts & accessories is made of 100% PU and conforms to the European food regulations, according to the EC/1935/2004 regulation and the EC/2002/72 directive. They have passed the global and specific migration tests regarding the five classes of simulants.


EC/1935/2004 regulation

Framework regulation concerning materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. It defines the requirements to comply with.

Individual plastic components are listed  which may be related to specific measures, as described formerly in the EC/2002/72 directive and now in the EU/10/2011 regulation.


EU/10/2011 "plastic" regulation


A regulation that is relative to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. It defines plastic materials and ist components, migration limits, the list of monomers and other substances authorized in the manufacturing process of plastic materials and the specific migration limits for some monomers or other substances.

This regulation is used as a referential for all manufacturers of light conveyor belts. Starting 2011, the above mentioned regulation is gradually replacing the "old" plastic directive 2002/72/EC.


Reveyron's absolute food commitment ensured through :

• A continuous monitoring

A training of the technical staff and sales team by specialists
• A close cooperation with all our suppliers (written commitments from them)

• Tests on all urethane belts for global and specific migration by an independent laboratory, COFRAC* accredited.


*COFRAC : French accreditation institution for laboratories and certification organisms.





Reveyron is certified ISO 9001 vs. 2008

Being certified enables us to keep an impeccable documentation and recording of all relevant data and a clear traceability of our products and processes.

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Securev PU belts

The SECUREV belts meet your requirements in terms of hygiene and food Safety. The results : Managed bacteriological risks and a reinforced protection.

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