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EU delivery of your orders -

What you need to know

Reveyron is very concerned to offer you competitive and attractive delivery methods and beneficial fright costs that have been negotiated with our trusted carriers.
We organize and process delivery to your door to facilitate your imports and to save your time and efforts, as well as to reduce your costs.
In the following, you will find a guideline that will help you find the best delivery terms that meet your requirements.

     1.    Choose your delivery method

Delivery times, as well as freight costs are the two significant elements that determine your choice of delivery method. In order to be able to offer the optimal delivery solution, please indicate the desired delivery time and your price range the moment of your inquiry.
Delivery methods:
Depending on the desired shipping time and price range, we offer standard or express delivery. In case of express delivery, a specific date of delivery can be set.

  • Express: delivery is handled by one of our trusted express carriers (DHL Express, TNT Express or TNT Eco). This delivery method is especially interesting for light and small-sized packages. The provided dates of delivery may vary as follows: delivery before noon, within 24h, 48h, 72h, …
    in case of non-compliance to an agreed delivery date, we claim a partial refund of your freight costs.
  • Standard: standard delivery is the most economic. A specific date of delivery is not guaranteed – we can, however, estimate the delays with an accuracy of 2-3 days.
  • Standard delivery + „Star Date“-option: Your orders are processed by a standard carrier but have a guaranteed delivery date for an additional cost of between 40€ and 80€, depending on your shipping address. Consult our sales team for more information.

     2.    Processing times

The date indicated on your order confirmation states when your order is ready for shipment. That day, we know the exact dimensions and weight of your order and will prepare the shipping documents.
The documents are ready shortly thereafter and your order is usually shipped within 24 hours. Usually, your shipment is picked up on the very same day by our carriers, which is the case for more than 90% of shipments.

     3.    Ex works

As soon as your shipment and the shipping documents are ready, we will send you the exact weight and dimensions via email. You will then be able to organize the pickup during our office hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00. We will inform you if a Tautliner truck (loadable from the side) is required.
Please be aware: You are responsible for the entire shipping process. Reveyron will not be able to intervene and will not be held responsible in case of any issues or damages that may occur during shipment.
  • Express delivery: Please indicate your account number for the chosen carrier and delivery terms.
  • Standard delivery: Please indicate the chosen carrier, as well as the truck’s license plate number 24h prior to the pickup.
  • For practical reasons, we prefer to do the shipping for you. This guarantees a safe shipment, fair freight costs and avoids issues during loading.

     4.    Checklist

  • airfreight, sea freight, road?
  • delivery address?
  • date of delivery?
  • required documents?
  • customs codes?

     5.    Complaints

We handle and pack your goods with the outmost care. However, despite our efforts, it may occur that your goods are damaged during shipment.
Verify your goods immediately upon reception and in the presence of the carrier. Note all damages on the CMR or delivery note. Without a respective entry on the CMR, any additional complaints will be refused. Please inform us immediately in case of any issues (within 12h at the latest).

Your contacts:
Awena Robert: Sales & Transport manager -
Katharina Payen: Sales & Transport manager -
Françoise Martinez: Management and administration, European Union -
Sophie Pech: Management and administration, insde of the European Union -