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Safety & Hygiene


Nowadays, food safety is a major concern for the consumer. There is a growing sense of insecurity what regards the complex organization of the food chain, which goes through many steps of transformation, leading to more and more elaborated food products.


All along the food chain, numerous procedures and inspection measures are enforced to ensure that food that consumers will eat is safe and healthy and that contamination risks are reduced to the minimum.


The European legislation on contaminants in the food area aims at keeping food safe and wholesome. It requires that contaminants in food are not to be found in quantities that could endanger human health nor affect the nature or quality of the food.

Our main objective should be to make sure that food becomes ever safer and that the consumer's health is protected.

Reveyron is committed to this responsibility and supports you with ever safer products in your daily struggle to keep food safety at its highest.



Schéma d'un polymère


All our range of TPU belts & extruded profiles made of 100% polyurethane comply with the European food regulations, according to the EC/1935/2004 Regulation and the EU/10/2011 Regulation for the conveying of foodstuff.
They have passed with success the global and specific migration tests for the five classes of simulants.

PVC belts, even so-called “food grade” belts can only be used in very limited (mostly dry and non-fat) applications in the food industry.

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Bacterial and other sources of contamination risks must be kept under control in order to avoid any health risks. Micro-organisms can interfere with food processing at any time and step.


The top coating of the belt must be easy to clean.
•  A smooth and non-porous surface can be easily cleaned.
• However, a grid surface like on modular belts (made of different components such as axes, hinges and modules) cannot be   cleaned.

• An open grid structure between the top and bottom surface of a belt multiplies food contamination  risks.



   Contaminated belt with microorganisms Food residues on belt surface

The bottom part of the belt must be coated with solid polyurethane.

• The Securev range offers fully sealed belts with an upper and bottom PU coating. This belting  solution ensures controlled hygienic risk.

To ensure proper hygiene security, the conveyor belts must be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
•  A specific and well adapted cleaning/disinfection plan must be established and enforced in every  step of the food manufacturing process.

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Securev PU belts

The SECUREV belts meet your requirements in terms of hygiene and food Safety. The results : Managed bacteriological risks and a reinforced protection.

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