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Flights / Cleats

Reveyron offers a vast range of flights/cleats. We will always find a suitable solution for your conveying purposes :

palletized loads or bulk products on inclines, depending on the characteristics of the products to be conveyed and the conveyor's geometry.
All the flights/cleats are high frequency welded with modern, high performing machines.


Maximum height : 100 mm

Minimun pulley Ø very small, as we offer our TPUR polyurethane type cleatswhich have a very thin basis (maximum height for this type:  60 mm)

Minimum pulley Ø also small on our strong "monobloc" SPPUR type cleats which can be used in tough working conditions and  which do not have a fabric reinforcement (for hygiene reasons).



Range of PU / PVC flights/cleats :





Curved flights/cleats :
Reveyron welds curved flights/cleats with special tools that can have a height of 40 to 80 mm. These curved flights/cleats enable products to be conveyed in bulk or by flow (grains, grapes with juice, etc.)


They are available in FDA food quality in white or blue. These conveyor belts mainly equip the wine industry or fresh fruit and vegetable convenient product processors (processed food such as lettuce, carrots, etc.)

Tasseaux TR Tasseaux SP Tasseaux incurvés
Flights / cleats type TR Flights / cleats SP type (PU) Curved Flights / cleats


Flights/cleats and Compart® :
Reveyron offers several fitting methods for the Compart® with flights/cleats, based on the type of application, product shape and sizes...

Tasseaux TI

New inclined flights TI

We now have TI30 and TI40-PUR white, blue and blue-green scooped cleats.

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