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Blue mesh belts

Polyester mesh belts

These mesh conveyor belts are made from polyester fabric with monofilament warp and weft threads. The mesh spacing and the fabric's permeability can be changed by varying the number or diameter of these threads.

The conveyor belts are primarily used for the filtration, draining and drying of various continuous products.


Mesh :Mesh belt

  • monofilament Ø that ranges from 0.9 to 1.2 mm
  • Number of threads /cm from 2 to 5.2
  • Air permeability : from 5,000 L/m²/s. below 200 Pa, to 10,000 L/m²/s. at a pressure of under 100 Pa
  • Resistance to tear from 55 to 180 daN/cm
  • Minimum pulley Ø : 100 mm (without accessories)
  • Standard width up to 1,500 mm
  • Larger widths available on request
  • EC and FDA certified


Reinforcements :

  • Equipped with a polyester fabric carcass
  • Structured bottom cover
  • Lateral reinforcements : in PU or PVC from 30 to 70 mm widthEquipped mesh belt
  • End reinforcements : in PU or PVC of 40 or 60 mm width depending on the joint
  • Conveyor belt joint with stainless steel or plastic fasteners, or with simple finger splice


Fabrication possible with :

  • Compart sidewalls
  • Lateral tracking guides
  • Cleats / flights
  • White PU fingers


With Reveyron mesh belts, you obtain :

  • A good dimensional stability
  • A very high mechanical resistance
  • Low tensile effort


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