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Polyurethane (PU)
conveyor belts

3PURB170/LHR 3 ply polyurethane white belt, thickness 5 mm, bottom side PU [HR] (positive low adhesion pattern), extremely rigid in weft :

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Conveying specifications

  • on slider bed or rollers
  • horizontal
  • belt can be fitted with accessories ( flights, cleats, compart sidewalls, fingers)
  • Z-conveyors (swan or goose necks)
  • palletizing equipment
  • elavators with flights, cleats and compart sidewalls
  • great mechanical resistance which permits conveying of heavy loads on long and inclined conveyors
  • can be fitted on special machines (e.g. ultrasound cutting & slicing devices)
  • humid environment


Examples of industries

  • food industry
  • comestic & pharmaceutical industry
  • agricultural & beverage industry
  • automotive & aeronautics industry
  • metal industry
  • plastic industry
  • chemical industry 
  • packaging industry
  • recycling industry
  • wood & furniture industry
  • building & construction material industry


Examples of applications

  • conveying of dairy products
  • conveying of meat & fish, fresh or frozen
  • conveying of frozen & processed food
  • conveying of fruit and vegetables (after washing & cleaning)
  • conveying of shellfish
  • conveying of machined metal parts
  • deboning lines
  • conveying of sharp & oily parts
  • conveying of  metal parts
  • butchery belt: bone collector (fallen bones)
  • conveying of glass parts
  • conveying of swarf, turnings, chips of metal wastes
  • stamping & cutting belt (all industries)


Additional information

  • very high lateral stiffness; rigid
  • non antistatic
  • 100 % polyurethane coated on both sides
  • protection against bacteriological risks
  • protection against grease, liquids and contaminants
  • food hygiene guaranteed
  • easy to clean
  • longer service lifespan



Product overview :


Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

White Securev

Number of plies

Colour White
Top cover Hardness 92 Sh.A
Total thickness 5.00 mm (0.197'')
Coating thickness 1.70 mm (0.067'')
Top cover finish Non-adhesive
1% elongation resistance 18 N/mm (103 lbs/in)
Minimum pulley Ø 180 mm (7.09")
Minimum reverse flex Ø 240 mm (9.45'')
Acceptable product temperatures -40°C +90°C (-40°F to +194°F)
Maximum width 2000 mm (78,74'')


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