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Condizioni Generali
di Vendita

(Valid as of Dec. 2005)

Unless otherwise provided by written notice, our sales are always governed by the following terms and conditions, which involve acceptance without condition.

All amounts unpaid as of the due date will result in late fees at an annual rate of 10%. Reveyron will grant a 0.5% discount on advance payments (per whole month for the amount, excluding taxes). A paid instalment is irrevocably forfeited. In the event of payment by commercial paper, failure to return the paper shall be considered a failure to accept, comparable to a failure to pay. Should the customer’s credit be impaired by a prior outstanding amount, we can, if we deem it necessary, change the payment terms or suspend current orders while waiting for the customer to provide a bank guarantee.

Goods are provided at the price indicated on the estimate. Estimates are only valid for 2 months starting from the date it was drawn up. The firm price is the price accepted on the order acknowledgement of receipt. VAT exemption for business within the EU, Article 262 ter of the French General Tax Code. All our prices EXCLUDE TAXES. The VAT (or tax) rate is the one applicable on the day of shipping.

The photographs and descriptions included in our presentation brochure or catalogue are for informational purposes only; Reveyron expressly reserves the right to modify the characteristics and prices of its products at any time. For each product in question, Reveyron has available, for the customer’s information and upon the customer’s request, a fact sheet that is up-to-date as of a given date. Only the product characteristics and prices on the customer’s purchase order accepted by Reveyron have contractual value.

On-site installation and servicing of our bend conveyor equipment

The purchaser is responsible for the installation and servicing costs. Any additional work completed while on-site that is not included in the initial estimate shall be directly chargeable to the customer. For on-site installation, our services are limited to one single installation and not to the acceptable operation of the conveyor.

The 6-month warranty for belts and 12-month (or 2,000 hours) warranty for our conveyors comes into force 5 days after the shipping date; and the warranty is immediately taken into account if a manufacturing defect is noted when the product is received and after said product is returned to our store for assessment. Reveyron SA’s liability is limited to replacing the defective part and cannot, in any event, be applied to additional expenses. Repairing or replacing parts during the warranty period cannot result in extending the product warranty period.

Retention of ownership
The seller or its successors retain ownership of the goods delivered by said seller until payment in full is made by the buyer of all amounts outstanding stemming from said deliveries.

Time frames
Time frames are given for informational purposes only. Delays caused cannot result in penalties.

The customer is responsible for verifying, with the carrier present, the good condition of the delivered goods. In the event of damaged or missing parts, the customer must:

  • Please mention in writing any damages that you notice on the documents of the carrier.
  • Confirm these damages by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt with the carrier involved within the three days following receipt of the goods. The customer shall be fully liable if this clause is not complied with.


Goods always travel at the consignee’s risk.

Jurisdiction clause
Any dispute or litigation shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bourg en Bresse commercial court, even in the event of several defence attorneys or appeal proceedings during which the judge discusses the case with the counsel or appeal proceedings against the guarantor that may take the form of giving third-party notice. Failing protest against the above clause, this clause is not cancelled by the existence of a jurisdiction clause for the recipient of this document.

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Nastri trasportatori e curve a nastro per l’industria alimentare

Per la sicurezza alimentare, REVEYRON è la risposta.

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Nastri trasportatori per tutte le industrie

adatti per l’impiego in qualunque condizione applicativa: in piano, su rulli, in conca, inclinati, in curva.

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REVEYRON lavora con una rete di vendita e di servizio che opera in tutto il mondo mediante centri di confezionamento e di distribuzione qualificati.