Corrugated sidewall belts allow a reliable process with an increased product flow

In inclined conveying, sidewalls on your conveyor belt ensure a product flow without spillage. The corrugation allows the conveyor belts to flex easily around pulleys.

  • Perfect welding of the base: The base and the corrugation are made from identical TPU material. This results in a perfect bond on the sidewall conveyor belt, also between the base and the belt's top surface, whether it is in PVC or TPU.
  • Excellent technical properties of the sidewalls: no additive or plasticisers and intrinsically and permanently flexible.
  • The Compart™ corrugated Sidewalls in polyurethane have a very high tear strength and are very resistant to cuts, oils, fats and to intensive cleaning, leading to a higher life span and durability of your belt.

Ensuring Food Safety with the Compart Sidewalls

  • Efficient cleaning of the corrugated sidewall conveyor belt: perfectly smooth welding and retention free, allowing a flat, flush surface for efficient cleaning.
  • Excellent technical properties: no additive or plasticisers and hence permanently food safe.
  • Food compliance for the food processing industry: Our Compart™ Sidewalls are fully compliant with the EU regulation No 10/2011 for food contact

Compart Sidewalls: Easy and Quick to Fit on your belt, Reliable in Time

  • Compatible With All TPU and PVC sidewall conveyor belting Materials
  • High quality fitting made easy: Corrugated Sidewall can be easily welded by hot air or by High Frequency (HF) machines or on site by hand on your belt.
  • Fitting of ends prepared: In your workshop or on-site, the preparation of splicing and joining both ends together on Sidewall belts equipped with Compart™ Sidewalls can be done quickly and precisely.


Compart Sidewalls

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