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Manufacturer of
light conveyor belts &
belt bend conveyors

Meet Reveyron at NIBA 2019!

Meet Reveyron at NIBA 2019!

Reveyron will be present at NIBA 2019 from 18 to 21 September in Washington, DC.

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Tous nos produits

Our range of products

Whatever the industry, Reveyron manufactures a wide range of light polyurethane (PU) conveyor belts. Reveyron does also fabricate a complete range of PU and PVC conveyor belts and equips them with numerous accessories. In addition, we also manufacture complete belt bend conveyors for various industries.

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Bandes transporteuses et convoyeurs courbes alimentaires

Conveyor belts and belt bend conveyors for the food industry

Reveyron specializes in conveying solutions for food products. We provide an innovative range of hygienic belts that has been specifically developed to challenge various food environments. We are proud to comply with the most demanding food safety regulations.

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Autres industries

Conveyor belts and belt bend conveyors for other industries

Reveyron provides a range of specific conveyor belts that meet the technical requirements of many different industries and offers products that are extremely well adapted to each individual industrial specificity.

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Expérience partagée

Shared experience with belt distribution companies

Reveyron closely works with specialists in conveyor belts and with many distributors. We highly value our customers and their challenging business. We therefore aim at supporting them thanks to a swift and competent service.

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