A conveyor belt is fitted with one or several guides that are longitudinally welded on the back side of the belt.

The guide is generally used for belts for conveyors:

  • with cylindrical drums
  • that are very long
  • that work in both directions
  • when products are pushed on or off the belt laterally.

The guide helps center the belt on the conveyor. It is positioned in a groove that is adapted to its dimensions and geometry. The guide can be made of PVC or PU, in a trapezoidal, square or rectangular form. For small pulley diameters, it is also available in a notched version.

A profile is welded longitudinally on the top side of the belt.

It exists in trapezoidal, square or rectangular shapes. It is used to contain the transported product and avoid lateral overflow. It also allows to guide the belt on a swan-neck conveyor. In that case, it is held in place by rollers adapted to the geometry and its position. The profile is made of the same material as the belt.


Guides and Profiles

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