Our Services

Our experienced team can provide first-hand advice and is very attentive to the customers’ requirements. We have built our strength on knowledge and know-how. With our can-do culture and range of services, we look for the most appropriate and best solution.

Our technical advice can be pivotal for your projects and for the long-term satisfaction of your customers. From technical advice to a tailor-made approach to your project, we do our utmost to ensure your requirements are fulfilled long-term.

As part of our service, we organise the shipping of goods across the world. We can provide a reliable and competitive shipping solution and we inform you of the carrier cost in advance.

Shipping within the European Union

The date mentioned on your order confirmation is the date the goods are ready for shipping. The correct dimensions and weight are known on the date the goods are ready to be shipped.

  • Express: 24 to 72 hrs.
  • Standard: delivery in 2 to 6 days depending on the destination. This is not contractual.
  • Shipping with a guaranteed delivery date, with competitive prices.

Shipping Worldwide

Delivery time and freight cost are two key elements that determine the most appropriate type of transport: by road, air freight or sea freight. Indicating the level of urgency on your order will help us guide you towards the best freight option. We work closely with freight companies which are experienced in dealing with complex shipments.

Together with their freight expertise, we ensure the goods are delivered appropriately and in good time. It can take up to a few days to prepare the shipping documentation depending on the customs requirements (EUR1, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading,…). The goods will be shipped based on the available vessel or flight departure dates.

Signing the Proof of Delivery

Our products are very well packed and protected. However if you notice even the slightest damage when being delivered, it is important that you only accept it by notifying the damages on the delivery documents and in the presence of the driver. Please contact us immediately so we can ensure that we can claim for damaged properties on your behalf.

Do not reject the delivery but document any damages while the carrier is present.

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