The pillow belt consists of:

  • A support belt (a 2 or 3 ply belt either in TPU or PVC)
  • A series of welded pillows by High Frequency machine (HF)

The pillows are fabricated from either a 1 or 2 ply belt, of the same material of the support belt. The number of pillows, their height and length are the main characteristics that are needed for the fabrication. They can be welded in a continuous manner or spaced.

This conception is well adapted for transferring fragile products. The pillows absorb the shocks and protect when products fall. Pillow belts are widely used in the food industry, mainly for handling, calibration and weighing of fruits and vegetables.

In other industrial sectors, such as plastics or cosmetics, fabricating tailor-made pillows with specific measures is the optimal solution for cushioning the products. Pillow belts can also be used for handling products on slightly inclined conveyors.

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