Ply Separator PB100

Ply Separator PB100: Performance, reliability and precision
This machine is a very accurate and robust tool, which has been specifically designed to separate plies on PU and PVC belts, including very thin belts: from 1,1 to 7 mm and for longitudinal split without limit. The unrivalled accuracy of this machine is achieved via three settings controlled by mechanical comparators measured in hundredths of a millimeter.

Ply Separator PB100

PRS Splicing / Joining Press

3 models covering various widths,
from 300 mm up to 3400 mm

Very fast cycle: only 10 minutes for a whole cycle
  • PRS: Mobile press with external control box
  • PRS-M: Mobile press with integrated control box
  • PRS-C: Workshop press including support and external control box

PRS Splicing Press

Finger Punching Machine

Manual or Automatic

Manual Finger Punching Machine: Simple And Reliable

2 sizes available: PUN-600-M and PUN-1200-M
  • Open frame to punch any belt width without limit
  • Adjustable pressure making it easy to use
  • Supplied with belt-clamps holding the belt in position
  • A light and robust machine, easy to carry
Automatic Finger Punching Machine: Flexible And Fast
2 sizes available: PUN-1500-A et PUN-2000-A
  • Open frame to punch very wide belts
  • 3 different types of finger cutting: simple finger, overlapped finger and diagonal finger
  • Easy and quick parameters setting for automatic operation
  • Cutting heads easily switchable (2 screws only)
  • A robust construction together with reliable selected components

PUN Finger Punching Machines

Manual Slitter for Longitudinal Cutting

Machine for longitudinal cutting : Practical - Accurate - Easy to Use
This light and compact slitter is perfect for your workshop but can also easily be carried on site. It is designed to for longitudinal cutting of PU and PVC conveyor belts up to a width of 2100 mm and a thickness of 6 mm.
  • 2 blade holders
  • 1 meter marker for measuring the length
  • 2 lateral guiding systems ensuring a perfect straight cut
  • Dimensions: 2230 x 475 x 162 mm (L x W x H)
  • Net weight: 76 kg

DEC-2100-M Manual Slitter

Welding Machine for Guide Strips

Welding machine for tracking guides with hot air for endless and open belts
3 types available: PC-600-1, PC-1300-2 and PC-1500-2
  • Belt driven by pressure on pulley, adjustable speed
  • Tracking guide welding on pulley in order to minimize friction
  • Specific hot air nozzle for tracking guide welding
  • Setting up of independent hot air tool Leister® and pulley drive to guarantee reliable welding
  • Easy and quick replacement of pulleys (fitted on ball bearings)
  • Easy and accurate adjustment of the welding heads, linearly guided

Welding Machine for Guide Strips

Safety Ruler

The “Safety Ruler” reduces accidental cuts. This tool is essential for any staff cutting light conveyor belts.
  • The ruler is made of extruded aluminium, therefore it is light and rigid at the same time.
  • The ruler’s underside has silicone inserts, allowing the ruler to grip on the surface and keeping it in place while cutting
  • The edge of the cutting area is in stainless steel allowing the utility knife to slide smoothly and easily along the ruler
  • Ruler with both metric and imperial scales

Safety Ruler

Sidewall Compart Clamps

The sidewall Compart™ clamps are the perfect tools for joining the ends of the sidewall:
  • Easy: Preparation of the sidewall ends is very simple
  • Fast: Only 5 minutes to join the two ends
  • Clean: Extremely neat welding with an impeccable finish and a smooth surface
  • Strong: Highly resistant butt welding
Product code Compart™ height
CLAMP-SW30 20 / 30 / 40 mm
CLAMP-SW60 50 / 60 / 80 mm
CLAMP-SW70 100 mm


Belt Selector